Enactus to compete nationally for title


Students on campus may hear the name Enactus and think it is a new club on campus. However, Enactus is simply the new name that SIFE took on nationally.

Senior Enactus president Brett Moyer said that the name change took place because “supposedly it was a branding issue. SIFE didn’t translate well . . . [whereas], Enactus is a word of its own.” Enactus, is a global organization, hence the concern with the inability for SIFE to translate into other languages. Enactus stands for entrepreneurial action for the greater good, with the “us” being the greater good, said Moyer.

Provided by Brett Moyer
SPEAKING TO WIN—The Enactus presenting team takes first place at the U.S. Regional

Susquehanna’s Enactus competed officially under its new name for the first time on March 22 in the Enactus U.S. Regional Competition. Moyer said it was the 10th time that Susquehanna teams have competed and the tenth time that they have won the regional competition.

At the regional competition, Susquehanna competed in one of seven leagues presenting what their group has accomplished within the year.

Moyer, who served as a member of the presenting team, said; “We have a 17-minute presentation that is set to a video and is completely scripted. It’s really fast paced and makes us really competitive.”

During the presentation, the presenting team, which consisted of Moyer, sophomores Sarah Koch and Sarah White, and juniors Brian McDonald, Joel Murphy, Josh Murphy and Lynsey Steffy, discussed three major projects that happen throughout the year, including their work with local business in the Selinsgrove and Sunbury area and how we impact them. Enactus is involved with several local partners, including Fulfilling Dreams, which is the project that works with Ashburn’s Animals on a Mission and Random Canyon, a therapeutic riding facility in Krazterville.

Moyer said: “Most teams are shocked when they hear we have 20 projects. They just can’t believe it. Most teams will have five. The reason we have 20 projects is that we like people to follow their passions, and be diversified in what they want to do.”

Steffy, a new member of Enactus, said: “I was mainly nervous in front of our team because it is their projects that we’re presenting. It’s kind of daunting when I don’t really know half of these projects, but I’m going to tell [the team] about them and talk about the work that they’ve done.”

In the past, the best that Susquehanna has done in the national competition is to be in the top thirty. Moyer said, “Something we keep saying is that we would actually like to win sometime, to be the U.S. champions and represent the United States internationally.”

Susquehanna Enactus will travel to Kanas City, Mo., to compete at the Enactus U.S. National Exposition on May