Men’s lacrosse plays with ongoing success


Susquehanna 10, Messiah 4

The men’s lacrosse team triumphed again in its game against visiting team Messiah on Wednesday, boasting a 10-4 win.

The Crusaders owned the first two quarters of the game, firing away not one, not two, but six unanswered goals. Junior Austen Lein had three of those as well as two assists; while sophomore Carmen Raroha tallied his own two shots to the count.

The Crusader/ Kacy Reece
PLAYING THE FIELD—Senior defender Ryan Brim circles a group of Messiah offenders while sophomore goalkeeper Jared Knowlton keeps a wary lookout.

Sophomore goalkeeper Jared Knowlton achieved seven saves, leaving the score 6-0 midway through the game.

Messiah did not make it onto the scoreboard until the very end of the third quarter, managing one shot to make it 8-1. The Falcons oversaw three more goals, but it was not enough for them to overcome the six-point lead the Crusaders held.

Susquehanna will host Landmark Conference opponent USMMA at 2 p.m. on Saturday.

Susquehanna 12, Drew 9

The men’s lacrosse team achieved yet another victory last Saturday, March 16, in a game against Drew, finishing 12-9. Their first Landmark Conference game of 2013, the Crusaders’ win came in the form of seven third period goals, launching them above the Rangers.

The Crusader/ Kacy Reece
Freshman attack Connor Moran charges through an outstretched Messiah player in pursuit of the ball.

Lein and senior John Kerrigan both landed hat tricks, while senior Tylere Fritts wrapped up four points in two goals and two assists. One of Lein’s goals propelled the Crusaders to an early head start in the first quarter, followed swiftly by a shot from Kerrigan, boosting them to a 2-0 lead. Drew retaliated and made it a tie, but Susquehanna responded with another goal from Kerrigan, leaving the score 3-2.

The Rangers stole the lead in the second quarter, but shots from Raroha and senior Marcus Cheatham tied it 5-5. The third quarter was owned entirely by the Crusaders, who seized the points and ran with them. By the fourth quarter, they were boasting a 12-6 lead.

Drew attempted to edge back into the game by lessening the point gap 12-8, but the Crusaders only allowed them one more point before wrapping everything up and taking it home.

“The game went very well,” Fritts said. “It takes a whole team to produce a win against a quality opponent like Drew. Everyone stepped up, and gave it everything they had, and that’s what you need to be successful. This year has been an amazing year so far.”