Future foreign travels excite


Time is winding down here, and it is very strange for me. I keep getting excited to come home, and then extremely depressed when I think about leaving. At first, it felt like the end would never come, but now, it seems too close and I cannot handle it.

I’ve come to know and love the streets of Perugia; I will miss seeing these faces and buildings every day. Whether it’s the guy at the Greek kebab shop or the bartenders at our favorite spot, I’m going to miss it all.

I can feel that I’ve changed. The things that I’ve done here I could have never done on my own. Just last summer, taking the train was not something I could do without my mom, and now, I booked a trip to Morocco without a second glance. I talk to people in Italian, I wander the streets alone. I used to be so afraid of the outcome that I could not make up my mind about anything. If I’m being honest, I would just say, “Mom, what should I do?” Hell, I couldn’t even choose what to wear in the morning.

Now, I am so much more independent. I cook, do laundry (which I did before I came here, but now I wash clothes by hand) and made my time here an absolutely amazing experience. My poor mom knows I’m making these crazy decisions, but there is nothing she can do about it.

So, I’m going to Barcelona and Morocco in about a month. Beaches, sun and friends: what more could I ask for? We are staying in the city, but the beach isn’t too far away. I don’t have a spring break, so this is my little retreat, as is Morocco. I won’t lie, this I am nervous about. Don’t get me wrong, seeing an entirely other culture is fascinating to me, and I cannot wait to see how life is over there, but a friend of mine was telling me the lifestyle is truly different. I have to buy loose-fitting clothing, possibly cover my head and bring no attention from men to myself.

My favorite place thus far has been San Gimignano. It’s a small medieval town in Tuscany. Every building is historic, and the view down below is breathtaking. I visited a torture museum and I enjoyed famous gelato. And, of course, I bought a charm from there. The best part? It says San Gimignano on the bottom.

I should explain something: every city I’ve gone to, I’ve bought a charm for my Pandora bracelet. If you go abroad, do this. It is an amazing way to remember each place. Every time I look at them, I remember the experiences I’ve had with great people. So far, I have charms from Assisi, Florence, the Vatican City, San Gimignano, Venice and soon Rome and Perugia, as well as Barcelona, Naples and Morocco. It’s good because then I don’t have to buy a bunch of souvenirs, but just the little charm and it means so much more.

I hope that all of your midterms went well. I have finals in about two weeks, and I’m pretty nervous about them, but I’m abroad and I cannot wait to spend the next month and some change here with some of the most amazing people I’ve ever met.