Writer recommends films for summer


Hello movie enthusiasts. The time has come to say goodbye to the semester and hello to summer vacation.

Like every summer, there will be a pile of new releases. Horror, comedy, action or thriller, the films that are going to be available this summer will satisfy what any movie enthusiast desires. The following five films fit several different genres and will all be released close enough to the end of the semester to be considered a summer film.

The first film on this list, premiering May 6, is the newest film in the Marvel Universe, “Captain America: Civil War.” In this film, viewers are asked to pick a side in an epic battle between two of the most famous Avengers, Captain America and Iron Man.

A fugitive at this point, the Winter Soldier is no longer a prisoner of Hydra. Even though he has come to his senses, the crimes Bucky has committed are unforgivable in the eyes of the remaining members of S.H.I.E.L.D. Captain America must fight for his best and oldest friend while Iron Man must do what he feels is right.

On May 20, the long awaited “Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising” will be released. This film is for the crude humor enthusiasts. In this film, the family that suffered in the first film will experience yet another Greek organization moving in next door. This time, it is a sorority that is even more party obsessed than the last group.

The couple will have to turn a former enemy into an ally to take down the sorority and send them back to the campus they so poorly represent.

On May 27, Disney will release their newest Alice in Wonderland movie, “Alice Through the Looking Glass.” This film is the final film of the late actor, Alan Rickman, as the voice of our drug loving Blue Caterpillar.

The film follows Alice’s long awaited return to the world of Underland. The time in Underland is running short and it’s all on Alice to save the Mad Hatter.

For the Disney Pixar enthusiasts, June 17 is the official release date of “Finding Dory.” We all know and love the original “Finding Nemo,” the prerequisite film to the new release. In the end of that film, spoiler alert, we see Dory retrieving some of her memory and becoming a part of Nemo and Marlin’s family. This is a big deal because Dory has a short term memory loss problem.

In the newest film, thirteen years after the first, Disney has decided to give Dory her memory back. The film follows Dory on her journey after remembering who her family is. Dory is reunited with loved ones and learns the true meaning of family in the end.

“The Purge: Election Year,” set to be released on July 1, is for those of you who enjoy a violent thriller. In the Purge saga, we look at what might happen if the government sanctioned a day where anything is legal. This is a way to keep the violence to a minimum and crime rates low.

This film, set to be released in our current election year, follows the story of a man who chose not to kill the man who killed his son two years prior. Now, this man has become the body guard for the front runner of this year’s election, a candidate who is committed to seeing the purge eliminated.