GO program to receive gift for abroad students


With the mandatory Global Opportunities Program at Susquehanna, many additional fees can pile up for students.

This year the Council on International Educational Exchange is providing 100 free passports to Global Opportunities students.
CIEE is a nonprofit organization that focuses on international education and exchange.

New expedited passports can cost up to $195, another burden on the price of studying abroad.

“Out of the many schools that apply every year, [Susquehanna] was lucky enough to get selected as one of the stops for CIEE’s passport caravan. We are so grateful for this opportunity, especially since going abroad is such an integral part of [Susquehanna’s] community,” said Global Opportunities Office Assistant Natalie Laktioukhina. “We strive to open student’s eyes to cultures they are unfamiliar with, shaping them to be more well-rounded and ready for the future.”

According to its website, CIEE is sponsoring passports for 10,000 students around the country as part of its participation in the national Generation Study Abroad initiative. Nearby schools such as Penn State have also partnered up with CIEE.

Students had to apply to receive a free passport. They were asked to answer questions about what having a passport meant to them and how receiving a free passport would assist them in their plans to go abroad.

According to an email from Anna Marter, the study away advisor, Susquehanna has been selected from a large pool of uni versities who apply for this initiative each semester.

During the Passport Caravan, a CIEE representative and three passport agents will arrive on campus to process passports on the spot as long as the students bring the required paperwork and identification documents.

Students of Susquehanna cherish their experiences abroad. “Studying abroad helped to broaden my cultural horizons in terms of the way I think in class,” senior Kegan Moesta said.

“Multiple times throughout the semester I found myself thinking back to my time in London comparing what we were learning to how it would relate overseas and then giving my input to the class,” he said.

“Being abroad exposed me to experiences that I have been able to reflect upon and learn from inside and outside of the classroom.”
Students have the opportunity to travel on a “GO Short”, “GO Long” or “GO Your Own Way” abroad trip.

With so many options, every student has their own unique experience and can craft an experience that can meet their educational and personal goals.

According to the Susquehanna website, “GO Short” programs range in cost from $2,895 to $7,800 depending on the distance traveled and the length of the program, while “GO Long” programs can differ significantly in cost based on housing arrangements and local exchange rate.

The Passport Caravan will be held in Degenstein Campus Center and will culminate with the Global Opportunities fair on the evening of Sept. 8.