Writer offers five films for finals week


Happy Friday movie enthusiasts. This week has been so jam packed with things that are leading to the week that might be a four-letter word.

Finals Week. Yes, I said it, and I am truly sorry for the reminder. Like all things, the year must come to an end, and that means we must all take our finals.

Because finals week is inevitable, you might as well look for ways to cope.

What better way to de-stress than to spend some time on Netflix? For those of us who are procrastinators, this is also a four-letter word.

Though finals are certainly not an excuse to procrastinate, it is good to take a break once in a while. I have provided a list of five films that you can find on Netflix that will help take your mind off of the impending test week for an hour or so.

The first film on this list is “Beasts of No Nation.” This film is a war drama that tells the story of a child soldier fighting for an unnamed African country.

The film is based on the experience of child soldier Agu. The movie presents this conflict through the eyes of the child. As the film reaches its conclusion, you will find yourself questioning how you get there.
Next is the film “Beginners.” This film is a romantic comedy, told through flashbacks of the main character, Oliver, and the awful relationship with his father.

The film goes through what it means to be awful to someone you love as well as what it means to need those who care about us. The story also follows the journey of finding one’s happiness and it demonstrates how that journey is similar and different for other people.

If you’re looking for a melodrama, check out “What’s Eating Gilbert Grape.” In this film, the main character, Gilbert Grape, played by Johnny Depp, has an obese mother and an autistic brother, played by Leonardo DiCaprio.

The film explores the depression of the main character and his inability to accept the fact that his family is imperfect. Through the film, Grape meets people who help him accept himself and his family. He learns to love where he comes from and be a part of it all.

If you’re looking for something outside the box, and a little more “real,” the movie “Dope” is for you. Dope is about a group of high school students who get involved in the LA drug scene.

Geeks from inside the tortures of high school get into trouble. The film follows the main character so closely that the audience is able to get to know him inside and out.

Finally, a Brad Pitt film as original as the rest of this list, “Spy Game.” This film is for those of us who are into risky thriller, rescue mission type films.

In “Spy Game,” a cat and mouse mission leads to tons of plot twists that you might have to see twice to truly understand. This film alternates between present day and flashbacks, slowly revealing pieces of the story line.

I hope you find something on this list to occupy your mind while you take a study break.

Happy Finals!