Abroad junior savors last moments overseas


With less than a month in Florence, I’ve been feeling a lot of contradictory emotions recently.

While I love this city and I love every moment of my experience, there are plenty of things that I’m missing back home.

Studying abroad sometimes can put you in an uncomfortable situation because the stressors you encounter often come from doing things that, to anyone else, would be considered an amazing time.

Of course, I am having an amazing time, but constantly traveling, exploring and learning new things is very taxing. Though I try to take time to relax, it is hard to do so without feeling like you’re wasting your time here.

So, as much as I love it here and as difficult as it will be to get on the plane home, I am looking forward to the little things like lazy Sundays doing absolutely nothing and being able to use a dishwasher.

It is also very strange to talk to other students studying abroad who have even less time left than me.

Many of us are beginning “finals,” as in our final weekend trip, our final time out of our respective countries, etc.

I’m also starting to think about my academic finals as well.
Since my classes are either once or twice a week, I am at that time in the semester where I only have one or two classes left until my final exams.

It feels like I was just taking my midterm exams, and now here I am preparing final projects and learning my last couple of lessons.

These last few weeks in Florence are definitely bittersweet moments.

I know that even though I miss a lot about home, after being back for a while, I will begin to miss Florence just as much.

It was a really great experience developing a home in another country.