Crusaders survive late run from Kings


Susquehanna’s women’s lacrosse team defeated King’s College 15-11 during their first home game on March 12.

The Crusaders had an incredibly successful first half, putting them ahead with an 11-2 lead at the start of half time after they put together an 11-0 run over the Monarchs. Ten different team members each scored goals during the game.

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Susquehanna Junior Kelcie Ehler played with intensity during the first half by racking up three goals for the team and adding an assist. Senior Annie McElaney also gave it all she had, scoring two goals as well as tallying an assist.

As for defense, both Susquehanna goalies, seniors Carolyn Figliola and Alyssa Rothman, split the game. Figliola played during the beginning and end of the game and made four saves, and Rothman made a total of seven saves.

The game required both goalies to be on the top of their game, as there were 22 shots on goal from King’s College, and Susquehanna had a total 26 shots on goal.

Rothman said: “We lost a lot of key players last year, but so many players this year have stepped up their game and have been able to fill big shoes. Each and every game, we are getting better working together as a cohesive unit on the field, which led to our win against King’s on Saturday.”

During the second half of the game, the Monarchs came out with a new attitude and made big moves to make a comeback. A 6-0 run put them within six points of the Crusaders.

The action went back and forth through the remainder of the game with the Monarch’s scoring the last goal at the 20-second mark, but King’s College couldn’t compete with Susquehanna’s strong first half.

On March 16, Susquehanna fell 16-3 to Messiah College on the road. Messiah had a hot start, outscoring Susquehanna 10-1 in the first half nd Susquehanna could never come back being outscored 6-2 in the second half.