Senior art show reflects on hard work and talent


The Senior Graphic Design and Studio Art Majors Exhibition will open in the Lore A. Degenstein Gallery on Saturday, March 19 at 7 p.m., showcasing pieces that seniors have created over four years, and will end April 3.

The theme of the show will be “Enigma,” and senior graphic design major Kelsey O’Shea said, “We chose the name because we feel like we are kind of an enigma to other majors on campus, so people don’t really understand what we do and how much work we put in.”

Senior graphic design major Steve Arhontoulis said he wants the show to help people see the work that goes into their pieces. He said: “[People] think we just click a button, and it pops out, and it’s done.”

According to O’Shea, the show’s theme will be displayed with red acetate, which provides a filter over images to change how much we can understand about what we’re viewing. Underneath the red film, an image could look drastically different.

O’Shea said, “We wanted to have our ‘brand’ for the show be interactive because no one has ever done that before.”

However, O’Shea and Arhontoulis said seniors do not choose pieces based on the theme but rather pieces that they feel illustrate their individual styles.

Arhontoulis said that last year’s show was “minimalist,” “modern” and “clean,” but he said: “We wanted to do things in a completely different direction. We wanted to… make things crazy and show that we’re a wild group of individuals; you can’t really label us.”