Writer lists films for a boring break


Spring break is just around the corner. Some of you will go on vacations, some of you will visit friends and family and some of you will sit in bed watching movies on Netflix.

For those of you in the Netflix group, I have provided a list of spring break films that will whisk you away on an adventure without leaving your house or even your bed.

The first film I recommend is the high-anxiety film “Spring Breakers.” In this 2013 film, four college friends plan the ultimate spring break trip only to realize they lack funds. In need of quick cash, the girls hold up a restaurant. When the girls are arrested during their break and bailed out by a drug dealer, how far will they go to keep the party alive? The film combines humor and intensity and will show you what not to do with your week of vacation.

This next film is a throwback that will make you nostalgic for the days when spring break was a long weekend. The Mary-Kate and Ashley film “Passport to Paris” transports you overseas to Europe where the twins go on an adventure while visiting their grandparents. While in Paris, the twins fall in love with French culture and French boys.

The third film on the list is a sappy love story. “From Justin to Kelly” stars Justin Guarini and Kelly Clarkson, two contestants from the very first season of American Idol, in the story that follows a Texas waitress and a Pennsylvania college student as they meet in Fort Lauderdale during spring break. The two are not instantly drawn together but are instead brought together by their love of music. For the record, this is a musical and may be even cheesier than I let on.
This next film is a comedy that will keep you rolling. The cast of the film “Spring Breakdown” should be a dead give-away to the films hilarity factor. The film stars Amy Poehler, Rachel Dratch, Amber Tamblyn and Jane Lynch as women who end up at a co-ed frequented resort when three of them are assigned the task of keeping a political candidate out of trouble on her spring break trip during a political election. The women will go to great lengths to make sure nothing can ruin this campaign.

The final film, “She’s All That,” is a classic Freddy Prinze, Jr. film. In this movie, the most popular guy in school vows he can take any girl and make her into a prom queen after his girlfriend leaves him for a wannabe TV star over spring break. When he voices this opinion, his friends make him a bet that he couldn’t turn the school’s loner art nerd into the queen. Accepting this challenge, the guy pursues said artist with only the intention of making her prom queen. Like in most FPJ films, love will find him in the most unexpected place.