Seniors to show musicality in recitals


Upcoming senior recitals on Feb. 26 and Feb. 28 will showcase the talents of Christopher Barnhart, a senior music composition major and Sarah White, a senior music performance major.

Christopher Barnhart

Barnhart and several other Susquehanna musicians will perform six pieces he composed on Friday, Feb. 26 at 7:30 p.m. in Stretansky Concert Hall.

The program begins with “Duo for Trombone,” which Barnhart said is a set of “microludes.” Barnhart and junior John Leonard will play the trombones.

The next piece, “String Quartet No. 1,” has two movements titled “Allegro” and “Andante.” Senior Susan Safford and junior Victoria Hogan will play on violins, junior Rachel Snyder will play the viola and senior Jamie Marrs will play the cello for this piece.

The next piece, titled “Cello 4 2,” will be played by Marrs and junior Sarah Stine on cello with junior Tyler Mariano on piano.

A recording of “Fantasy for a Ghost” will play next, which Barnhart said uses Musical Instrument Digital Interface, known as MIDI, and a pipe organ. “The idea was to write something that was impossible to play for a human. It surpasses human capability,” Barnhart said.
The next piece, “Three Scenes for Piano,” has three movements titled “Rainfall,” “Sunrays” and “Snowfall” and will be performed by first-year Benjamin Nylander.

The final piece in the recital is “Lobatus Gigas” and will be performed by Barnhart on a conch shell, Mariano on piano and senior Jennifer Wendt on horn.

“The idea is to bring a nonstandard instrument into this setting of a concert hall,” Barnhart said.

Following Barnhart’s recital, White will hold a flute recital on Sunday, Feb. 28 at 2:30 p.m. in Stretansky Concert Hall.

“Everything I’m playing has been written in the 1900s or later,” White said. “It was one of my goals going into this recital to showcase more 20th and 21st century music.”

White’s recital will begin with “Suite Paysanne Hongroise” composed by Béla Bartók and arranged by Paul Arma. The piece has three movements, “Chants populaires tristes (I-IV),” “Scherzo” and “Vielles danses (I-IX).” Lecturer in Music Ilya Blinov will accompany her on the piano.

Next, White will perform a piece she composed called “Kattegatt II.” White said, “It’s a piece that I came up with the concept when I was speaking with some of my cousins who live in Sweden. They live near this reservoir. It is a biologically dead zone and it’s been like that since 1970. The whole piece is strange and eerie and shrill.”

The next piece is “Quatre Interprétations de Sanyal,” composed by Leonard. There are four movements, titled “A Breeze,” “Shostika,” “Slap a B****, Eat a Dragon” and “Pain in Black.” Junior Jordan Flowers will accompany her on string bass.

“I thought [the piece] would be a cool contrast,” White said. “[Leonard’s] very experimental and detailed-orientated, so his style of composition is very different from anything else on the program.”

Next, White will perform “Vocalise” composed by Gary Schocker, accompanyed by Blinov. “It’s just essentially a song that a vocalist would sing, but it covers a wider range of pitches than the voice can,” White said. “It’s like a song without words because it can’t be sung because it’s too high or low.”

Finally, White will perform a Russian piece called “Sonata for Flute and Piano” composed by Sergei Prokofiev, accompanyed by Blinov. The piece has four movements titled “Moderato,” “Scherzo,” “Andante” and “Allegro con brio.”

White said, “It’s a standard work in the flute world, and I was really interested in working with it with [Blinov] because he is native to Russia. I wanted to get his opinion based on his culture.”

Photo provided by Kane Leighton, The Crusader.