Writer suggests various holiday films


Happy holidays, my film-loving friends. It is the season to be jolly and light the menorah! Christmas is my favorite time of the year, but as someone who grew up in a Catholic/Jewish home, I have decided to compile a new list of films for the other major holidays of the season. These films range from comedy to romance to culture but completely incorporate all things you know and love about tradition.

The Hanukkah film “Eight Crazy Nights” is for those of you who are totally okay with laughing at yourselves. The animated Adam Sandler feature brings the biggest laughs of the holiday to your television screen. The film follows Davey, a 33-year-old drunk, whose shenanigans get him into trouble just in time for the holidays. Doing his community service as an assistant basketball referee, Davey finds out that getting off easy isn’t as simple as it seems.

No matter how you spell it, Hanukkah/Chanukah is represented so well in the Rugrats special “A Rugrats Chanukah.” In this episode, the babies go on an adventure to save the meaning of Hanukkah. The babies believe they are rescuing the holiday from the “Meany of Chanukah” and embark on an adventure that teaches them and the audience more about the holiday.

In the fun film “The Hebrew Hammer,” an orthodox Jewish stud gone superhero sets out to save Hanukkah from the threats of an evil Santa Claus.

Will he be able to defeat this holiday villain and save his Jewish traditions?

“The Black Candle,” a documentary made in 2008, follows the struggles and triumphs of African-American family, culture and community. The documentary uses Kwanzaa as a connection to celebrating the African-American experience.

In “A Rugrats Kwanzaa,” Aunt T. comes to visit and the Carmichael’s celebrate Kwanzaa together. Susie teaches the babies and the viewers about the holiday of togetherness she and her family partake in.

The classic romantic film “New Year’s Eve” follows several hearts traveling through New York City on New Year’s Eve. In different parts of the city, people from all corners of the world find love and learn new things about themselves. Follow each of the characters as the complex plot unfolds, showing how each of the characters are connected.

“New Year’s Evil” is a film for those of you who are horror flick lovers. During a New Year’s celebration, the host of a popular punk and new wave music show gets a mysterious call. The suspicious caller tells the woman that when the clock strikes midnight someone will be murdered and the last one will be her.

The light-hearted film “Rudolph’s Shiny New Year” is for the whole family. When Father Time tells Santa that Happy, the baby New Year, is missing, Santa will need his most trusted bright-nosed reindeer for the job. Santa asks Rudolph for help,