Elisa Monte Dance to blend ‘dance and multimedia’



The Elisa Monte Dance company will be performing at Susquehanna on Nov. 3 at 7:30 p.m. in Degenstein Theater. The performance will include four works with Elisa Monte’s choreography. Elisa Monte Dance will perform “Tears Rolling,” “Hurricane Deck,” “Why So Curious” and “Lonely Planet.” The final work, “Lonely Planet,” will have special lighting and effects. Associate Professor of Music Marcos Krieger said, “It will be a meeting of dance and multimedia.”

Susquehanna was given the opportunity to have Elisa Monte Dance visit and perform because of a connection with Joanne Rile Artist Management. The company sends Susquehanna artists that are available for the year and then Susquehanna decides if any of them will fit the university’s needs. Krieger said the university really wanted to have a dance company visit this year and hopes students come to see them.

Krieger said Elisa Monte Dance is a “very accessible dance company and the perfect opportunity to see [dance] for the first time.” He added, “It is a chance to see high level technical training in an interesting and new way working with dance.”

While Elisa Monte Dance is visiting, they will be interacting with students on campus and having a couple of master classes.

“This is an amazing opportunity for the master class and the performance,” said Anne Doctor, adjunct faculty of dance. Doctor, who teaches a modern dance class this semester on campus, said she saw the Martha Graham Dance Company when they came to campus a few years ago, and now she is taking her whole family to see Elisa Monte Dance.

Doctor stated that there are different techniques when it comes to modern dance. Currently, Doctor’s class is studying the Merce Cunningham technique. Doctor said she is interested to see which one Elisa Monte Dance will use during the master class.

Sophomore Katherine Cardenas said, “We are going to have a master class with them and I am very excited.” Cardenas, who is a student in Doctor’s modern dance class this semester, said that her class has spent the semester immersing themselves in modern dance and learning how it is different from other styles of dance. She is looking forward to seeing Elisa Monte Dance perform.

“They are a pretty big deal in the dance world,” Cardenas said.

Elisa Monte Dance will also hold a master class for Susquehanna’s Dance Corps while they are on campus.

Elisa Monte Dance was founded in 1981 by Monte. According to their official website, Elisa Monte Dance “bridges cultural barriers through the universal language of dance.” Monte danced with Martha Graham Dance Company, Lar Lubovitch and Pilobolus before starting her own company.

Elisa Monte Dance has been recognized globally since 1982 when they achieved “Best Company” at the International Dance Festival of Paris. They have performed in over 40 countries and have appeared in several major dance festivals. They also have been featured on television networks throughout Europe, Asia and the Caribbean. According to their website, “Elisa Monte Dance celebrates diversity through its work, artists and staff.”

Tickets to Elisa Monte Dance can be purchased at the box office in the Degenstein Theater lobby Monday through Friday from 12 p.m. to 5 p.m. or by phone at 570-372-ARTS.

Tickets cost $20 for adults, $15 for seniors, $5 for non-Susquehanna students and are free for Susquehanna students.