SU Students prepare for Senior Recital


On Sunday, Nov. 1 at 2:30 p.m., seniors Aileen Raya and Lyne Padmore will be performing in a senior recital in Stretansky Concert Hall.

“My motivation and inspiration to continue with music is the simple fact that I can’t see myself doing anything else. Music in it of itself is my motivation,” said Padmore.

Padmore, a music education major, has been performing since 2003. On Sunday, Padmore will be demonstrating her skills with the flute.

The songs she will be performing are “Concerto in D Major” by Otar Gordeli, “Fantasie” by Georges Hüe and “Regrets and Resolutions” by Gary Schocker.

“I’ve used the Gordeli Concerto for the Concerto Competition last year and since there’s a time limit on that, I wasn’t able to perform the whole thing,” said Padmore. “I chose this piece for my recital because I wanted to be able to perform it in its entirety.”

Together, Padmore and Raya will be performing “La serenata” by Andrea Bocelli as the final piece for the show.

Raya, a mezzo-soprano vocalist, will be performing several more songs than Padmore. She will be singing nine songs, three of them by Johannes Brahms. Raya will perform “When Orpheus Played,” “Come Ready and See Me,” and “Moonlight’s Watermelon,” all by Richard Hundley. She will also be singing “Katakataka, Nasaan ka, Irog?” and “Sa Ugoy ng Duyan,” both of Filipino origin.

“I knew from the beginning that when I did my recital, I would want to do a set of Filipino songs,” Raya said. Raya continued: “My parents are from the Philippines, but I was born here in the United States. I’ve always been proud of my heritage, but I really

don’t know much about art song of the Philippines, and I thought this would be a great way to discover more about it.”

Raya, a music education major with an emphasis in vocals, has been performing since grade school. She plays trombone at Susquehanna, perfoming in both Symphonic and Stadium Band.

“It’s a joy to perform music with other people, because you’re creating something, a moment, a sound, so much bigger than you could possible do on your own,” Raya said.