SU welcomes new dean of students


Susquehanna recently welcomed Christie Kracker, dean of students and campus life, to the university community.

Kracker said: “I feel like a first year in many ways, but it is exciting, anxiety-producing and challenging. I would not have it any other way.” Kracker previously worked at The College of Wooster, where she spent time in various departments.

She earned her undergraduate degree at the University of Memphis in physical education with a concentration in fitness and sports management before pursuing a masters degree in higher education administration.

Kracker began her career at the University of Memphis, followed by Western Kentucky University, Indiana State University, Bellarmine University and The College of Wooster.

Kracker has set goals for reimagining campus life here at Susquehanna. She said that she wants to understand the students and what they need for their collegiate journeys.

Kracker also said that she wants to provide faculty and staff with the tools to help students learn and grow. Kracker said: “I want to be a student advocate. I want to be a positive leader. I want to make a difference in the lives of this community.”

She continued, “It is not all about the policies and protocols…it is about the individuals and their path through this experience and how I can add to that experience.”

According to Kracker, she found that helping students navigate their way through this chapter in their lives is her calling, and she finds great satisfaction in having a positive influence on students. According to Kracker, she is a problem-solver by nature; a fan of puzzles and logic games, she said she puts this to use by helping her students find solutions to their issues.

She said: “I absolutely love the enthusiasm and fierceness that only a college student can bring to an idea or an event. Working with a student to bring an idea from start to finish is rewarding for me even if the end result is not a complete success. It is truly the journey that is most important.”