SAC addresses concert issue

Concert time is always bittersweet. While many students express their excitement, there are always others who voice their frustration with the artist selection, the timing or the location of the performance.


This year, SAC was fortunate to host three concert performers…usually it is only one per semester. After introducing the first outdoor major concert at Susquehanna, SAC was left with limited funds to host one more spring concert.


Due to the limited budget, SAC had to host the spring concert in Trax. While Trax has a limited capacity, it was the only feasible option.


Many do not know that holding a concert outside, in Weber Auditorium or in the Field House comes with additional large expenses.


Outdoor concerts require staging, lighting, tents, extra security and much more. If SAC budgeted for these items, they would not have been able to secure such a well-known artist.


Weber Auditorium and the Field House have the above restrictions among others. The Field House would require flooring, as well as major accommodations for sound.


Even charging for tickets would not cover the additional expenses. Past concerts in Weber have been held during the Fall semester, or as the first concert of the academic year. With the remaining funds, SAC is usually able to host a second additional concert in Trax.


As a result of careful planning by SAC, the second additional concert has become the norm over the past eight years.


Interest in tickets for the second show vary each year and that interest level is nearly impossible to predict. This year, an impressive line crowded the hallway of the campus center. While it is exciting to see such a strong turnout, the overwhelming number of students was unexpected.


The small group of SAC executive members on-hand did their best to manage the line. It was disappointing to see students cut in line, and those who were caught were sent to the back of the line. However, it was difficult to tell who was stopping to talk to a friend or returning from the bathroom. It’s unfortunate that additional measures may be required in the future. Regardless, it is just another page in the bittersweet concert series.


Brent Papson

Director of Student Activities

Advisor to SAC