Letter to the Editor

Dear Crusader,

You probably do not know me, but I am a student here at Susquehanna. If there is anything that a

liberal arts education has taught me, it is that I do have a say in a school that has 2,200  students and

that maybe my voice will be heard.  I am writing to you today, not to complain about my lack of a T-Pain

ticket, but to express my frustration through a different medium.

I arrived at 8:45 p.m. for the 10 p.m. ticket extravaganza. I meandered my way through the back

of Degenstein Campus Center, greeted some of my friends who obviously had nothing to do that night,

and found the back of the line. There, SAC members were doing estimate counts of where the 200 ticket

cutoff was. I was estimated at number 165, and I liked my chances.

Thirty minutes pass, and I’m now number 185. At this point, I am visually seeing people come in,

chat with some people they know and get in line. Another 30 minutes pass, and I’m number 215. Wow,

that escalated quickly.

There were points where I thought bum-rushing the front was my best way of getting a ticket, but

at that point I didn’t even want to support the concert. There were no ropes, tapes, line formation, cattle-

herds by any means. It was chaos. And I know the SAC had members there were trying to control it but

alas some people had to get screwed. By the end, I was five people away from obtaining a ticket. There

are over 2200 kids at this school, and we are only selling 400 tickets? Absurd.

Maybe this is a slight against the students or my naivety, but I have never attended a concert

here at Susquehanna in my four years, and I never will. When having another concert as hyped as this,

please consider taking better precautions and organization.

-Colin McCarthy