Writer suggests movies for new year


It’s a new year, and we’re
all happy to be back at our
lovely little home away from
home. We’ve started our new
classes, drunk our fill of Starbucks
and already spent a fair
amount of time with Netflix.
So while you’re already managing
your time like the adults
you are, why not take in some
of the new releases playing at
the movie theater? I’m here to
tell you what’s playing at our
local Carmike Cinema in Selinsgrove
(located in the Susquehanna
Valley Mall) so you can
experience it all.
Let’s begin with the lessintense
films. “Paddington”
(PG) is about a little bear with
big adventures. He is found
wandering around Paddington
Station with a tag around his
neck that reads: “Please look
after this bear. Thank you.”
The Brown family gives him
a home, and the shenanigans
ensue. This fun family-oriented
film will leave you wanting
to snuggle your teddy.
You don’t want to miss
“Into the Woods” (PG-13) starring
Anna Kendrick and Meryl
Streep, co-starring Johnny
Depp and Chris Pine. This musical
will run through all of your
fairy-tale favorites, as well as
an original story about a baker
and his wife wanting to start a
family. You may recognize the
film name. Our own theater students
put on this fantastic show
in November 2012.
If you’re like me, you enjoy
epics like “The Hobbit:
The Battle of the Five Armies”
(PG-13). The last installment
of “The Hobbit” trilogy follows
Bilbo and the company
of dwarves in the battle against
those that would allow the
Lonely Mountain to fall to evil.
The titular five armies include
the Dwarves (Iron Hills and
Thorin’s Company), the Men
from Lake-town, the Elves of
Mirkwood and the Great Eagles
as the protagonists and the Orc
army (Orcs from Dol Guldur
and Gundabad, Goblin mercenaries,
wargs, trolls and ogres)
as the antagonists. If you’ve
waited this long and haven’t
seen it already, you may be living
under a rock.
Liam Neeson is back in
“Taken 3” (PG-13) with the
tag-line “It ends here,” which
is probably a good thing, considering
he is running out of
family. He’s an ex-covert op
framed for his ex-wife’s murder.
Needless to say, he goes
around killing people to clear
his name, which almost seems
counter-productive. I’m not
saying don’t go see it, but while
Neeson still has it physically,
the story leaves something to be
desired mentally.
If you are into the R-rated
scene, there are two funny films
that you may want to check out.
“The Wedding Ringer” starring
Kevin Hart and Josh Gad is supposed
to be a funnier version of
“Hitch” (Will Smith, 2005) with
a bromance to beat the ages. Or
you could see Johnny Depp star
in “Mortdecai,” a film about a
suave art dealer that beats hilarious
odds to search for a painting
that leads the way to a Nazi
If you’re into the serious
R-rated action films, check
out “American Sniper” starring
Bradley Cooper. “American
Sniper” is based on a true
story about a sniper in Iraq and
the realities of war. It is riveting
in that it is the reality that
the world is facing. The story
should give its audience a sense
of adventure, terror and a cathartic