Crusaders fall short against Gettysburg


Susquehanna’s women’s basketball
team opened its season
by splitting two games in the Jim
Crawley Tournament at Frostburg
State on Nov. 15 and 16.
The team lost a 59-58 nailbiter
to Gettysburg in the season
opener, but claimed a 55-49 win
over Westminster the next day.
Against Gettysburg, Susquehanna
was the first to score, when
sophomore guard Lexi Biggs-
Garcia made a jump shot at 19:41.
From that point until the final
minutes of the first half, Susquehanna
maintained a lead over
Gettysburg. However, when junior
forward Emily Duggan of
Gettysburg made a layup at the
4:48 mark, it brought the score to
21-22 Gettysburg.
Gettysburg stayed on top for
the rest of the period, as Susquehanna
was only able to score
three more points throughout the
remaining four minutes.
The first period ended with a
Gettysburg lead of 32-24.
In the second half, Susquehanna
was again the first to score,
with a three pointer by sophomore
guard Nikki Komara at the
17:37 mark. However, Gettsyburg
increased their lead to eleven
points over the next six minutes.
The Crusaders mounted a
comeback late in the game.
Senior guard Jonaida Williams
hit another three point shot with
eight minutes left in the game,
followed by a layup and free
throw from Komara, two more
free throws from Williams and
another layup by junior center
Andreana Maclvor.
The 10-2 run knotted the game
at 49 with less than four minutes
in regulation.
With three minutes left in the
game, both teams knew that they
needed to rally in order to pull
ahead of the other, and ultimately
Susquehanna fell just short,
as freshman guard Jamie Relin
made the game-winning free
throw for Gettysburg with just
three seconds left in the game.
Head Coach Jim Reed acknowledges
that the team did not
do as well as he had hoped they
would. “The team did not play
to the same standards that we
saw in last year’s season, but the
team is young, and it is only the
first game,” he said. “Gettysburg
used zone-defensive strategies
throughout the whole first half,
targeting our smaller girls.”
He added: “We had to change
our strategy for the second half. It
worked for the second half, as we
outscored Gettysburg, but it was
not enough to make up for the
first half.”
On Sunday, Westminster was
the first team to get on the board,
when freshman forward Kristine
Fromknecht made a layup. However,
Williams made a three-point
shot shortly after.
After this shot, there was no
more than a three-point gap between
the two teams until the
6:56 mark in the first half.
At that time, the Crusaders
managed to break away from
Westminster, making several successive
free throws. Westminster
quickly caught up, and surpassed
the Crusaders, finishing the first
half with a 31-27 lead.
The Crusaders trailed Westminster
until the final minutes
of the game, when freshman forward
Courtney Adams made a
layup that put Susquehanna one
point ahead. Susquehanna scored
10 more points throughout the
second half, while Westminster
could only secure five more.
The Crusaders finished with a
55-49 victory over Westminster.
The Crusaders will host Rosemont
on Saturday at 8 p.m. as part
of the Pepsi Tip-Off Tournament.