New SU club combines books, analysis, coffee


The faint aroma of coffee and
baked goods wafted through the
air as lounge chairs were pushed
around a table. After she had the
semblance of a circle, the mover,
sophomore Mallory Kimmel,
sat down onto the couch and
chatted with friend about her
hopes for the evening’s turnout.
Once everyone settled into
a chair, Kimmel stood up and
started the first meeting of the
Coffee House Talks.
Kimmel is one of Coffee
House Talks’ co-founders, along
with sophomore Alaina Magnotta.
Coffee House Talks is a book
club, selecting a book–contemporary
or classic-and meeting
every other week to read and discuss
it. On top of that, members
are encouraged to bring in newspaper
articles or other means of
media to inspire discussion on a
more philosophical level.
The group intends to create
an atmosphere where ideas and
coffee can be shared liberally.
Additionally, they hope to have
authors come in to do signings
and become involved in events
such as Banned Book Week.
The co-founders met in their
Writing and Thinking class and
immediately fell in love with
the literature and the analysis
that would follow. They were
inspired by the course, which
led them to continue the pursuit
for thoughtful discussion
outside the classroom and in a
more laid-back environment.
Mallory said, “I wanted to
have a place for [others] and
myself so we can keep that part
of our lives active.”
After members went over
what they wanted to get out of
the club, they introduced themselves
and their favorite book.
Many could hardly choose just
one. There were a variety of
majors represented in the group
ranging from ecology to creative
writing to communications.
Mallory said that members
could suggest books that they
wanted to read but had never
gotten the chance to explore.
Her personal suggestion was
“Silent Spring” by Rachel Carson,
a book on the harsh chemical
effects on the environment.
Currently, Coffee House
Talks plan to meet in Scholarly
Grounds Thursdays from 5 to
6:15 p.m.
The location may ultimately
be moved to the Kind Cafè,
which is located at 16 N. Market
The club hopes to become
SGA recognized and receive
funding to decrease the cost of
coffee and books for members.