University Update, Jan. 25

Student Activities

Student Activities is hosting a Bi-Annual Student Activites Fair from Jan. 28 through Jan. 31. This week-long event will take place in Mellon Lounge and each night will be seperated by interest. This set-up will help make the event more compact and personal for each student’s particular interests. Groups featured will include media organizations, club sports and more.

Circle K

Circle K meets every Sunday at 8 p.m. in Conference Room 3 in the Lower Level of Degenstein Campus Center. They are a club that strives to participate in community service projects. Every student is welcome to attend. For more information, contact Emily Crawford.

The Crusader

The Crusader would like to recognize Kate Palisay as its staff member of the week for her article about the MLK Convocation in the Jan. 25 edition. The Crusader meets on Tuesdays at 6 p.m. in the Shearer Dining Rooms in Degenstein Campus Center. Anyone interested in participating can attend. For more information contact

SU College Democrats

SU College Democrats meet every Monday at 7 p.m. in Degenstein Conference Room 1. All students are invited to attend and learn about the different events they are holding.

Career Development Center

An internship information session will take place on Monday, Jan. 28 at 2 p.m. and 4:15 p.m. in Fisher Hall Room 211.

Public Safety Blotter:

-Burglary occurs on University Avenue 

Selinsgrove Police and Public Safety were alerted on Jan. 18 at 1:39 a.m. of a break-in at 301 University Avenue. An unknown male entered the house and left with nothing. The Selinsgrove Police described the accuser as a black male over six-feet-tall. Witnesses told police and Public Safety the accuser left the scene in a red car with a partial license plate of EJI. Extra patrols have been monitoring the area and residents on campus are instructed and encouraged to lock doors and windows and secure properties and important belongings.

All students and residents of Selinsgrove are encouraged to contact the Selinsgrove Police at 570-374-8655 or Public Safety at 570-372-4444 with any information pertaining the break-in.



Dedication, motivation, organization, reliability and innovation are attributes of an editorial board member. Experience is considered for these positions but is not required. To apply, submit a short resume listing experience, qualifications and relevant skills, writing or other work samples and a cover letter with a reason for applying. Applications should be submitted to Dr. Kate Hastings by Friday, Feb. 15.

-Editor in chief

Responsible for overseeing all aspects of the newspaper, the editor in chief has final ruling on all matters concerning the weekly functions of The Crusader. The editor in chief also runs all meetings and works closely with advertising, circulation and business operations.

-Assistant to the Editor in Chief

Responsible for assisting the editor in chief in the management of the newspaper, the assistant to the editor maintains the newspaper office and manages human resources.

-Managing Editor of Content

Responsible for all copy in the newspaper, the managing editor of content supervises page editors and copy editors. This editor also supervises the content for special pages/sections and is responsible for the instruction and stylistic development of the writing and editing staff. Both managing editors work together to determine the weekly production schedule.

-Managing Editor of Design

Responsible for overseeing all visual elements including layout, graphics and photography, the managing editor of design supervises the photography, graphics and layout editors. The editor is also responsible for the weekly design of each page, designing special packages/pages and is responsible for the instruction and stylistic development of all design staff. He or she must be proficient in the use of InDesign and Adobe Photoshop and should have a basic knowledge of Macintosh computers. Both managing editors work together to determine the weekly production schedule.

-Digital Media Editor

Responsible for maintaining The Crusader Online, the website of The Crusader, the online editor converts The Crusader into online format each week and oversees the generation of all web-exclusive content. The editor is also responsible for maintaining The Crusader’s social media accounts, including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

-Section Editors

Responsible for identifying, assigning and editing all stories appropriate to their respective sections, these editors report directly to the managing editor of content. They also advise the design and layout of their pages and oversee the instruction and stylistic development of their writers. Editors are needed for the News, Forum, Living & Arts and Sports sections. The news editor is responsible for overseeing the University Update section. The forum editor is responsible for securing letters to the editor.

-Assistant Section Editors

Each section also has an assistant editor, who should have the same abilities required for a section editor.

-Photography Editor

The photography editor oversees the generation of all photographs for The Crusader. Responsible for identifying, assigning and developing all photographs, the photography editor must be a proficient photographer and have experience processing and printing black and white film. The photography editor also oversees the instruction and stylistic development of his or her staff.

-Assistant Photography Editor

The photography editor also has an assistant editor, who should have the same abilities required for the photography editor.

-Graphics Editor

The graphics editor oversees the development of all graphic elements, both editorial and advertising, for The Crusader. He or she should have experience with InDesign and Photoshop. The graphics editor also oversees the instruction and stylistic development of his or her staff.

-Business Manager

Responsible for all financial dealings of the newspaper, the business manager develops the budget with the aid of the editor in chief and adviser. The business manager works closely with the advertising and circulation managers.

-Advertising Manager

Responsible for maintenance of advertising accounts, the advertising manager generates invoices and records payments for all advertising transactions. The advertising manager also oversees other advertising staff members.




Bulletins Policy

The purpose of The Crusader’s University Update page is to provide information of value to our readers. Any information submitted for publication should be concise, newsworthy and timely.

Submissions should be approximately 125 words.The Crusader reserves the right to edit bulletins for reasons including, but not limited to, space and lack of news value. Any bulletin that The Crusader believes may contain inappropriate material—such as sexual innuendoes, inside jokes and drug or alcohol references—will be omitted from publication.

Please e-mail submissions directly to The Crusader with the word “bulletin” in the subject line.Include both a daytime and evening phone number, as applicable, where the bulletin’s author can be reached should any questions arise. If the accuracy of any material is in question and cannot be verified, it will not be published.

Submissions must be received by Tuesday at 7 p.m. for same-week publication. Late submissions will be printed solely at The Crusader’s discretion.

Any questions regarding this policy should be directed to the assistant news editor.