New Facebook page brings much needed peer support


Susquehanna Compliments is a Facebook page created from the model of a social project that originated from Queen’s University. It is designed to give people the ability to send compliments to people they know and have them posted on this Compliments page anonymously.

As the page suggests it is a way to spread the joy to others, and create a friendly environment. The page does state that hateful or rude remarks will not be tolerated and immediately deleted. The fact that the page is so dedicated to creating a welcoming space for people is awe inspiring, and the way it is done is very creative.

Susquehanna Compliments also has the feature that once you friend the page it will tag you in any compliments made about you. It then allows you to post on those comments and thank whoever made the compliment originally. After reading some of the compliments posted about people and those individuals responses to them, I believe that this is a great way to spread the joy.

Some individuals expressed their gratitude after receiving a compliment, saying how much it brightened their day. The way I see it, compliments are contagious and the more people compliment each other the happier they become and the better society we live in. In the media we see so much news about bullying, cyber bullying, and so on. It is clear that something needs to be done to show those being persecuted that there are people who care about them. In school children are bullied for being different or uncool, and online people are talked about and teased through social medias like Facebook and Twitter. It is an ever growing problem that has even reached the point of suicide.

In the past few years we have heard of children committing suicide after being teased about being different, and I personally have known someone who was pushed to the point of suicide. This page gives people the opportunity to brighten another’s day, but in my opinion more importantly to help speak up for someone who might be getting bullied. It gives a person the ability to speak up for someone without the fear of getting bullied for helping. It might not be the perfect solution but it is a step in the right direction. We need more sites like this that give people a platform to speak up for those too afraid to speak up for themselves. With the ever growing social media hype, we are getting more personal with the world, and more vulnerable for bullying. As the social media grows, we need to grow in a mature way to learn how to treat others with respect and kindness. Overall I think this is a great page that provides a much needed service of spreading joy to others.