Introductions from Perugia


Ciao from Italy! What, you guys thought I wouldn’t stick around, even when I’m thousands of miles away? Oh, that’s funny. Here I am, still going to give you lovely advice and whatnot. You all ready? Here it goes.

Officially, I’ve been in Italy for almost three weeks. Honestly, I thought I would be more homesick than I am. Of course, I miss my family and friends and cats, but it is beautiful here. I catch myself just looking around everywhere and thinking, “This is where I’m living until April.” The whole situation is still surreal. I’m living in history right now. Like, what? I can’t believe that I’m here. So far, my experience has been amazing.

I’ve met some really awesome people. I’ve got friends from the United States, Brazil, Holland, Italy, Korea, Afghanistan and Germany. The words and phrases I’ve learned in other languages is ridiculous. This is definitely more than I bargained for, and I couldn’t be happier. It’s so strange that I feel close with these people already. I have a little family: we do dinners and go out together, do homework and drink while watching “Friends.” What more could I ask for?

The best part, so far, has been the traveling. I haven’t been to crazy places yet (don’t worry, I am planning on it), but I have traveled to Assisi and Florence. No matter how often I hear about these places, it is still breathtaking and mind-blowing. When I went to Florence, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. First, I saw Florence Cathedral, or Il Duomo, which is beautiful and absolutely amazing. The detail of the building is unbelievable (to tell you the truth, I am running out of synonyms for the word beautiful).

I got to see La Nascita di Venere (The Birth of Venus) by Botticelli. I was so surprised and ecstatic to see it. I was talking with my Brazilian friend, Carina, about how crazy it is that there has been no one as substantial or influential as Leonardo da Vinci, Botticelli, Michelangelo. To be in the presence of their works and to walk on the streets where they walked… I cannot even process it all. When I saw Michelangelo’s David, I thought the statue was going to come to life and walk away. It was so beautiful.

As for how I’m feeling, it is like I’ve been here my whole life. Sure, I might be in some honeymoon stage, but I highly doubt it. I’m in Italy! How could I ever just accept the fact that I am in this amazing country? I still cannot believe it, but I know that I just have to let everything flow and let this experience be what it’s going to be. You all know I’m pretty crazy, and Italy lets me be me, which is great.

Just so everyone knows, I am doing wonderful and great. Who knows how I’ll be next week, but all I know is that I’m going to Siena this weekend and I’m ready to have a good time! Have a great semester everyone! I know yours has just started, so do well and have fun. I know I will. And as a side note, I seriously miss everyone and I cannot wait to see all of you in April, but I will not be wishing for my time to go by fast. Arrivaderci!