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Crusaders no match for Greyhounds

Susquehanna’s women’s basketball lost to Moravian 86-42 on Saturday, despite a revitalized scoring effort in the second half. Crusader Gina Palazzi managed to land double figures, and teammate Shannon Grunwald followed closely behind with nine points and 10 rebounds. The attempt to get ahead, however, was swiftly lost after Moravian took a run that launched the team to 77-38. The Greyhounds nabbed a 40-plus lead by the end, winning 86-42.

Ranck at home in both field and classroom

Senior Jessica Ranck has found her calling as a biology-secondary education major, a passion only rivaled by her love of being a thrower for track and field.

“You can’t beat that feeling of having the whole team come together and cheering and having them cheer for you,” Ranck said. “Being an athlete at Susquehanna means you are held to a higher standard, but it’s so worth it! It keeps you focused and healthy, both mentally and physically. You build bonds that you don’t create in any other club or organization on campus, and they’re a constant support system that proves to be invaluable in college.”

Ranck said that her inspiration to become a thrower was her older brother. She joined her high school track team, and has been throwing since, a decision she has not regretted.

“I can’t imagine my college career without my team,” she said.

Upcoming games 

Track and Field – Men and Women’s at Bucknell, 4 p.m., Jan. 25

Swimming – Men and Women’s at Albright, 2 p.m., Jan. 26

Track and Field – Men and Women’s at Bucknell, 10 a.m., Jan. 26

Basketball – Men – 4 p.m.

Women – 2 p.m. at Drew, Jan. 26