Students pop some tags


Pleasing Macklemore, his fans and hipsters alike, Selinsgrove recently gained the largest self-proclaimed thrift store in the country, Community Aid Thrift Store.
Whether you choose to go there with only $20 in your pocket is up to you.
The store is definitely huge. The Community Aid Thrift Store’s website boasts that the store covers over 74,000 square feet.
News stations and local discussions likened its opening to Black Friday madness with a line of people waiting to get inside, and people waiting in line for over an hour to check out.
It’s calmed down a bit since then, but the thrift store checkout line still runs like a well-oiled machine.
With racks to hang your hangers on while you’re waiting in line and seven cash registers instead of the usual one that is found in many thrift stores, it’s apparent that they’ve prepared for business to be booming.
Senior Lindsey Sitler said, “It’s really big and almost overwhelming, but I think that it’s a good resource for the local community to have such a variety of gently used clothing available.”
The store’s prices vary depending on the quality of the item, as is the usual for most secondhand stores.
For St. Patrick’s Day, the store added an extra 50 percent off on all items with green tags, and it would seem that they may find a way to utilize this type of sale for other holidays.
Additionally, every Friday night from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. college students receive a 50 percent off discount.
Junior Laura Zeisloft said, “I think it’s great that there’s an easily-accessible place in town for poor college students to create their own style on the cheap.”
When looking for odds and ends to complete different projects you’re involved in, it seems as if Community Aid Thrift Store might be a gold mine.
Junior Cory Brugger said: “It’s amazing. They have everything you’d ever need in one building. I assembled four costumes in under twenty minutes. That’s unheard of.”
Equally amazed, senior Alexis Teats said, “I didn’t know that there were that many pairs of yellow pants on the planet, let alone in one location.”