Writer discusses Valentine’s movie

As Valentine’s Day has come and gone,. “Endless Love,” a film directed by Shana Feste, hit theaters on the iconic day to wow audiences everywhere, both couples and singles alike. Hitting the box office with revenue of more than $14 million opening weekend, the film didn’t quite do as well as expected from critics. However, this doesn’t condemn the feature as a bad choice to see with your loved one or friend. For, as IMDB boasts, with its whimsical take of young love and engaging character, audiences everywhere will become enchanted by the love affair. The romantic drama is the second adaptation of Scott Spencer’s novel of the same name. The 2014 feature film holds true to elements of young love and loss of innocence as depicted in the novel, as well as stirring up its audiences with a modern take on the affair. “Endless Love” keeps true to the ideal that with love and trust, anything can be possible despite the obstacles. In the end, the storyline is a tale that
lost love can become one of the most rewarding narratives. Leading in with an all-star ensemble cast, the story revolves around the privileged life of Jade Butterfield, played by Gabrielle Wilde, and her instant attraction to boy next door David, played by “Magic Mike’s” Alex Pettyfer. Their desire for one another occurs almost instantly and creates tension within both respective families, particularly Butterfield’s father, Hugh Butterfield, played by Bruce Greenwood. According to Wikipedia, the central plot revolves around Butterfield’s drastic efforts to keep the two apart, which in
the end, only lead to trouble for both the young couple and the world around them. Actress Wilde comments on the commitment between the two lovers in an interview with Interview HD. Wilde said, “The theme of this movie really fights for love, and I believe Jade’s character really does show that she puts everything aside to fight.” Not many romance movies leave room for creativity, and
although “Endless Love” did lack ah bit in that department, the film made up for it with its casting. Producer Scott Stuber remarks on the impact he wishes for the audience to grasp from the film in an interview with Interview HD. Stuber said: “For the younger crowd, I really hope that they are going to experience the feelings they have right now. In your late teens, early twenties, that feeling of what is the world going to mean for me? And who am I going to live it with? That is a very profound feeling and I think this movie is about feeling that emotion.” Feste captured the all too familiar trials of young love throughout the movie. What was most intriguing, however, was the choice of costuming used through the film. According to Wikipedia, each and every outfit had a symbolic meaning
to whatever the characters were feeling. For instance, Jade wore modest clothing until she met David, and then wore a red, flowing dress that she twirled in the night she fell in love.
Not only did the costume choices compliment the film style but also the age of innocence touched upon the movie’s theme as the costumes became more and more romantic. “Endless Love” Rated PG- 13 for sexual content, brief nudity, language and teen partying. The movie is 103 minutes and is currently playing at the Digiplex Cinema Center in the Selinsgrove Valley Mall.