Hookah lounge opens soon


A man with long hair and anoverly-tangled beard is sitting in a dark, smoke-filled room. Vine are hanging from the ceiling and the walls are pasted with strangemarkings. As soon as you walk
in, the man jumps from his troubled- genius pose, gives you a hug and sets you up with the biggest hookah in the shop. Hidden Oasis is the newest addition
to Market Street’s nightlife. It’s a quaint hookah lounge that has barely opened. Despite being unfinished, it has already established
itself as a hotspot with consistent crowds and standingroom- only nights. Chris Gefvert, a former business tudent of Bloomsburg University, is the operator and owner of Hidden Oasis, the second
installment of what Gefvert hopes to be a chain of themed hookah lounges. Gefvert, a longtime hookah aficionado and self-declared Renaissance man, opened his first
hookah lounge, Moonlit Oasis, in Bloomsburg, which became an instant success in the college community. Gefvert said: “People come out of curiosity, and then they get hooked. More and more people become regulars before they know it.” The setting is an ancient Egyptian tomb that has been vacant for ages. Customers are to enter and immediately become immersed in the theme. For the more intellectual types, Hidden Oasis has a toppling tower of board games, ranging from Monopoly to 4-way chess. Hidden Oasis offers flavored shisha that, according to Gefvert,is only the best. With flavors like White Peach, Fuzzy Lemonade, Pirate’s Cave, Mojito and Blue Mist, it is easy to choose something that will be interesting. Junior Parker Adel said he was pleasantly surprised by the quality and selection Hidden Oasis offered. Adel said, “I have a hookah that I love to smoke with my friends when I’m home for breaks, but this place has flavors I’ve never heard of.” The Hidden Oasis will not be fully completed for another few weeks, as Gefvert explained that he still has furniture he wants to add, more hookahs to buy and several other finishing touches
to be done. Despite the constant redesigning of the layout and structure, Hidden Oasis has been taking reservations and providing preview nights since November, which received rave reviews and best wishes for the lounge. The price is $10 for each member of a party. It is encouraged to come in groups, though it is not uncommon for customers to come alone, relax and get their
work done. The Hidden Oasis is located next to Subway at 22 S. Market St. Hours of operation are 7 p.m. to 1 a.m., Monday through Saturday. Reservations can be made through the Hidden Oasis Facebook page, or by emailing thehiddenoasislounge@ gmail.com.