Campus poets share kind words



The staff of Rivercraft hosted an open mic night in the Kind Cafe Monday at 7 p.m. Rivercraft is a student run literary journal that showcases Susquehanna student’s poetry,fiction and photography. The student staff of Rivercraft,senior Sarah-Jane Abate, junior Chris Rodriguez, junior Christine Guaragno and senior Kristen Waldkoenig, held the
open mic night event as a way to create excitement for poetry,
as well as to promote the journal and encourage students to submit material. Whether it was art, poetry or works of fiction, the students of Rivercraft were ready to accept and react with positivity to student expression and creativity, regardless of a students’ major. The Kind Cafe reopened its doors from the 5 p.m. closing time while performers approached the stage in order to share their words with the members of the audience. The students were able to think outside of the conventional poetry box and bring some great works of art to the table. Their words were spoken and sung. Students read their own creations and creations written by their favorite poets. The subjects were real, relevant and sometimes very personal. Senior Claudia Bartoli said, “It was sweeter than the hot
chocolate.” Karla Kelsey, a poetry professor at Susquehanna, said she had helped Rivercraft to secure a spot at the Kind Cafe. Kelsey had been eager to make the event possible at the Kind cafe, because she said, “[It is an ideal place]to hear poems that people love and have written in a wonderful atmosphere.” The students of Rivercraft agreed as they too love the Kind Cafe’s atmosphere and were delighted to be able to bring attention to poetry. Guaragno and Waldkoenig both said, “It’s a genre that is not talked about as often as it should be.” The Kind Cafe was proud to host the event. When Davide Della Pietra, co-owner,was able to get in touch with Kelsey, he was excited to let the students perform in the cafe. Della Pietra was happy to be hosting the event, as he enjoys all forms of arts and wanted to show support for poetry and Rivercraft.
Della Pietra said, “As an independent coffee shop, it is important for the Kind Cafe to give artists and art supporters a place to gather and express themselves.”
The deadline to submit to Rivercraft is Wed.Feb. 5. Students may submit works of fiction, poetry or photography to The body of the e-mail should contain the name and the year of the student.poetry