Time away reignites involved student’s school pride



After spending a semester at a university with nearly four times the number of students that attend Susquehanna, I can honestly say that I appreciate Susquehanna more now than I did before. There are still a few things I cannot understand about this campus, and the people on it, though.
First, there are students here who are not involved in any sort of club, organization, team or sub culture. To me this is, truly, insanity. Do you like to write? This paper will always need strong, flexible, and confident people who want to continuously learn about the world. Do you like to workout? There are yoga classes at the gym, there are club and varsity sports, there are people who work out by themselves every day who wouldn’t mind recognizing a face they could smile at around campus. Do you think you’re too stressed and busy to ever do anything as silly as the paper or workouts? Well good thing there’s a Koru meditation group this semester, as well as a new meditation group that meets weekly.
I suppose a semester at the University of Limerick simply opened my eyes to how many opportunities we have on this campus. Sure, there were clubs at University of Limerick, but nothing near as varied, unique or community-oriented as the clubs that we have here at Susquehanna.
The second thing that continues to confuse me is how students speak negatively of the size of our university. Now, I’ll occasionally agree that I’d rather not run into new weekend “friends” every time I walk from Fisher to Bogar on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. But at the same time, I have professors here who not only know my name, but also my story. They know about my family, where I’m from, what I’m involved with on campus and even who my West Village suite mates are.
I will make the trade, time and time again, to know every face I pass by because I also know every single one of my instructors on a personal level. That is what will benefit me further down the line when I need a referral for this internship or someone to look over a personal essay for that application.
The third and final thing that I simply cannot understand is any lack of pride in this school and dedication to making this campus a better place.
I mean, just look around. We now have the smallest Starbucks. Ever. Our university president knows names and faces and gives out hugs more than any of us imagine. We have prime opportunities to experience other cultures. These are experiences that change who we are and how we view the entire world.
We have a squirrel of a “mascot,” a Facebook page that does nothing but give the chance for students to compliment others and gingko trees. Okay, maybe the berries are more annoying and smelly than originally intended, but this is an amazing university.
Before I left for Ireland, I knew that I loved Susquehanna. While abroad, I fell in love with Dublin and London and Limerick and Adare. I visited old friends, made new ones and cooked every single meal for myself. But I also knew, that entire time, that when I returned to the United States, I was coming back to a school that supports who I am and what I want to do, regardless of what those things are.
So take pride in our colors. Be proud of where you go to college and throw yourself, wholeheartedly, into this campus. It is more than worth it.