Writer talks about rap


There is a conspiracy I have been developing for years that Kanye West, Nicki Minaj, Eminem, M.I.A., Ludacris and Lil’ Wayne are all actually the same person.
Though scientists have yet to respond to my emails, my mother has certainly bought into this theory, agreeing that all rappers sound the same.
“Yo, yo, yo. My name Joe. I’ve got nice flow on a microphone.” These lyrics seemingly could have been performed by any of the aforementioned emcees, however, believe it or not, they were written by this writer.
The fact that there is no identity behind lyrical ownership in rap music today is what is so puzzling to audiences like my mother, who simply don’t get rap. There is no true association between content and context.
In the 60s, the music was simpler. Fewer artists existed and, they had substance and individualized attributes in their songs.
A certain distortion of a guitar would identify Jimi Hendrix; a grunt and squeal would identify Janis Joplin and songs that sounded like The Beatles were probably The Beatles.
What this truly reflects is the current state of musical accessibility and the fact that everyone with a MacBook thinks they are the next real Slim Shady.
There are so many more people who are tech savvy and understand how to post videos to YouTube that being a “success” means very little.
This is an argument for another time and goes way beyond my mother’s impression of hip-hop.
My theory is one that will be tough to prove, but for as long as Yeezy, Weezy and the Female Weezy continue to walk the fine line between entertainer and deity, I stand by it.