Students present one act plays


During finals week, Susquehanna’s senior theater performance majors will be putting on one act plays in Degenstein Theater that they have worked on as directors for the entire semester.
The One Acts began as a way for senior performance majors in the directing class with Associate Professor of Theatre Douglas Powers to showcase what they have learned. They have been a part of the curriculum in their current form for the past four years.
The One Acts give students a great opportunity to gain hands-on experience in their field of study.
Senior theater major Ben Bosnic said: “This is my first time really directing. I have ‘directed’ before, but that was in high school and before I really knew what theater was. In high school, theater is an extracurricular; here it is my profession.”
He continued: “I am really excited to be directing because it also shows me how much I have grown over the past few years. I was also chosen to direct the full length play next semester.”
For many of the students participating in the One Acts, it is their first time directing at all. This is the case for One Acts’ director and senior theater major Jillian Clements.
Clements said, “I was very nervous when I started this process, but with each rehearsal, I felt more confident in my ability to direct.”
Clements said for her directorial debut, “[I am] really bringing [her] acting skills to the forefront; connecting with [her] actors by being an actor”.
For this approach, Clements said it is important to have communication between herself and the actors.
Clements said, “I try to have open communication with my actors and really be able to talk with them about what I want and what they think is important.”
For Clements, this experience has peaked her interest in directing. She said: “I never really had an interest in directing, but now I think it would be something to look into for the future. When I heard about the directing class, I was always excited.”
She continued, “It’s something I never thought about doing, but now it’s been such a great experience and has really helped me grow.”
The two had mixed reviews about if they would like to pursue professional directing careers in the future
Bosnic said, “Maybe, depends on where my life takes me. It has been fun.”
Clements felt similarly. She said: “I think I will look into directing after Susquehanna, but I think for right now I want to try and get some more acting jobs under my belt. We will see what happens in the future.”
Students can see Clements’ and Bosnic’s one act plays alongside the rest of their directing class for free with their student ID on Dec. 10 and 11.