Director to act in next play


The theatre department presents to the community an esteemed production in theater history, “Uncle Vanya.”
A Russian play produced by playwright Anton Chekov in 1897, “Uncle Vanya” tells the tale of an elderly professor and his younger, beautiful second wife.
An array of characters fall into a tangled web of love triangles and misconceptions as complications ensue when the main character, Uncle Vanya, brings forth a conflict that will leave audiences speechless.
The debut of the production is Thursday, Dec. 5.
Anna Andes, assistant professor of theater and director of the production, said: “We know it’s a hard sell, holding the performance during the reading days for students.”
She continued: “‘Uncle Vanya’ is one of the world’s most important and esteemed playwrights, and to see the faculty perform is a wonderful thing. It’s nice to take a break.”
Although the cast and crew were given only a few weeks to prepare for the production, they did not allow that to lower anyone’s spirit.
Starring as the lead of Uncle Vanya, Associate Professor of Theatre Douglas Powers joins his students for the production.
The main theme in “Uncle Vanya” focuses on frustrations and confused dreams. As college students go through their own final’s week struggles, everyone will be able to relate to Chekov’s characters as they undergo their own troubles and sense of stress.
Junior Allie Stern plays the role of Uncle Vanya’s second and much younger wife, Yelena.
Stern said: “Connecting with her has been tough. Trying to understand her on a personal level has become a journey into the spirit of a very lonely woman.”
She continued, “All the characters are complex people with a lot to say about life and the way we live.”
“Uncle Vanya” will be performed at 8 p.m. on Dec. 5 to Dec. 7 and at 2:30 p.m. on Dec. 8. Students are encouraged to come out of their cram sessions and enjoy a classic piece of theater history.powers