SU ups rank in study away report


Recently, the Global Opportunities program at Susquehanna increased to the rank of 15th in a recent report released by the Institute of International Education.
Study Away Advisor Christina Dinges said: “The GO program is a large benefit to our students. Our students have a huge advantage when entering the job market. They can be pulled to the top of the list because of our cross cultural requirement.”
The first class that graduated with this new requirement to go abroad was the class of 2012. The GO program is a cross-cultural program, not just an international program. Many employers will look for this while looking for new employees to hire.
Faculty benefit from this program as well. Faculty members often return from the program they supervise with a very positive attitude. Dinges said, “It ties them to the SU community more. They take ownership of the program. It’s a very positive experience. They always have positive things to say about building relationships with students.”
According to Dinges, there have been new programs set up recently that have helped Susquehanna rise in the ranks. One such program is an internship opportunity within the GO office. The program is called the Peer Advisor Program. This internship is for returning students to promote the GO program through the GO office. There are information sessions where students can go and learn more about GO programs.
Improvements have also been made to the GO program. One improvement is the addition of the ability to track the paperwork you submit. Forms, meetings and deadlines are all wrapped in one application. If a student wanted to see or check his or her paperwork, all that’s needed is to log onto Blackboard and see how far along in the process the paperwork is.
Although people’s first instinct when thinking cross culture is to think of a destination abroad, they may be slighting cross-cultural experiences by doing so. There are other options being explored in terms of domestic programs. Dinges said: “One interest I have is increasing more domestic programming. We now have GO Hawaii, GO New Orleans, the Washington semester, but these are all limited.”
She continued,. “I think the dean is already exploring new options about GO programs that are cross cultural here at home.”
There are meetings that are held that give information on GO programs, which are there to help students get a better understanding of the GO program before they go abroad. All students that are going on a GO program of any type are invited to go to these meetings. These meetings range from different topics, such as health and safety.
If you are already signed up to go abroad, there are five mandatory meetings. If you are not going abroad just yet, you are invited to attend the meetings and have some of your questions answered.
Dinges said: “We have an increased interest in more diverse locations. We are attracting students to Susquehanna who want to go abroad. More and more students are coming to SU already with a location already in mind.”