Book Review: “Lighten Up America”


“Lighten Up America” breaks the mold of traditional diet and other health books by delivering a fresh take on what it means to lose weight and obtain a healthier lifestyle.

Family physician and author of “Lighten Up America” Lisa Clark advocates for a healthier lifestyle among Americans. The book not only gives tips and tricks to achieve weight goals, but also includes step-by-step guides to success.

What makes this book work is the fact that Clark built her plans with her patients in mind, so medical accuracy is, above all, guaranteed. Stopping obesity in America and its unhealthy lifestyles motivated her to stop this trend and set out to help others.

In her book, Clark states, “After working in clinical medicine for fourteen years, and spending thousands of hours discussing weight loss with my patients, I knew that a handbook with the important points I discussed everyday could help people looking for advice.”

According to “Lighten Up America,” there is no such thing as “a quick fix” or an easy shortcut to your goals. Being part one of a trilogy, Clark stresses to her audience that her debut book is not a diet book and should not be taken as so.

In the first section of the book, “Education is Key,” Clark explains to us, as the reader, that knowing our bodies and how they react to what we eat is one of the many vital steps to achieving a better lifestyle.

As she states in her book, “Weight management is a process that requires both education and motivation. There’s no magical secret: just hard work, knowledge, and will power.”

However, the book doesn’t limit itself to just adults. Clark writes tips to get the family involved in your weight loss goals and help contribute a healthy lifestyle to people of all ages. Issues such as childhood obesity are targeted to help prevent the already rapidly increasing ratio of obesity in America.

Above all, what is special about this book is its ability to not only motivate one to lose wait, but also present itself in a way that is inspiring.

Receiving positive reviews from her clients, Clark published her book for the public and has received nothing but outstanding results. The main message from this read is that if you can think it, you can do it. Nothing is impossible.

In her chapters, she includes innovative segments such as: “No Magic is Required;” “Could It Be My Thyroid? I’m Really Hoping!;” “The Postpartum Weight Struggle;” and “Odds and Not-So-Fat Ends.”

“Lighten Up America” keeps everything realistic, accessible and, above all, achievable. Within its pages, it directly states that losing weight will be difficult. It will be tough to give up your favorite food or switch up your daily hobbies, but Clark stresses that in the end, the results will be worth it.