Crusaders win 12th on final home game


The Crusaders continued their winning streak after a 12-2 success over visiting Scranton on Saturday, April 13. Susquehanna charged ahead with an eight-point lead in the first half and powered on through, keeping the Royals goalless in the second half.

Junior midfield Emma Ehler took hold of the game’s reins with her four goals, giving the Crusaders their initial boost and setting the tone for the rest of the game.

Fellow midfield and junior Michelle McGinniss followed suit, tacking on a hat trick, while sophomore attack Meredith Crane pitched in two more goals.

Senior goalie Emily Stankaitis had her work cut out for her, playing a full 60 minutes and stopping 11 shots from a stumbling Scranton.

While the teams swapped shots and goals throughout the first half, it was clear that Susquehanna held the advantage.

“Personally, I think this has been our most cohesive game this season,” sophomore attack Hileri Keizer said. “As a whole, I think it’s been one of our best. With 11 consecutive wins, and Scranton as a conference rival, we had to win, or else we’d drop in ranking.”

The Crusaders topped off with their eighth goal from freshman midfield Annie McElaney. McElaney’s additional goal left the first half 8-2 Susquehanna.

The second half of the game yielded a similar success for the Crusaders. McGinniss fired her third goal a mere five minutes into the half, while three different players swooped in and scored the last three goals of the game, adding up to a final 12-2 victory.

The Crusaders hit the pitch again at 1 p.m. on Saturday, April 20, against Catholic.

“We’re really excited for Catholic,” Keizer said. “It’s one of our biggest games, and we’ve been working hard for it. This is a big stepping stone for us.”