Monthly Archives: February 2015

Writer ready for Oscars

BY JOEY MALTESE, STAFF WRITER This column serves as a continuation of my rant about the meaningless of awards shows, as began two weeks ago with my opinion on the Grammys, an event dictated by arbitrary acclaim and false praise … read more

Film fosters ‘good spirits’

BY MADELEINE WALTMAN, STAFF WRITER If you do a search on IMDb for “Kingsman: The Secret Service” and scrolled down to plot keywords, you would find “lisp” listed. I’m not kidding. Samuel L. Jackson’s character, Valentine, is an evil mastermind… … read more

Drag Prom to raise awareness

BY MADELEINE WALTMAN, STAFF WRITER The Gender and Sexuality Alliance will host a Drag Prom Feb. 20 at 9 p.m. in the Degenstein Campus Center Meeting Rooms 1, 2 and 3. First-year GSA Events Committee member Evelyn Atwood said, “It’s … read more

Letter to the Editor

BY JENNA SANDS People seem to have a hard time cleaning up after themselves in the bathrooms and kitchenettes of residence halls. They make a mess in the bathroom stalls, get toothpaste and other products all over the bathroom sinks, … read more

Priest’s Perspective

BY REV. DANIEL POWELL If I could change one thing about myself, what would it be? That’s an interesting question. How would I answer? How would you answer? My height? My weight? My hair color? My lack of hair! Often, … read more

Bugden enthused about work

BY JACOB DOLAN-BATH, STAFF WRITER Kelly Bugden was recently hired as the new manager of communications for alumni donations. Previously a student here at Susquehanna in 1998, Bugden has been working in the field of communications since 2002. “It’s been … read more

CFAT aims for sustainability

BY RACHEL JENKINS, MANAGING EDITOR OF CONTENT Students looking to make a difference are encouraged to look into the Community Food Action Team, which is a club on campus that focues on promoting sustainable living and awareness invovling food justice. … read more

Waltman bids campus goodbye

BY Jessica Mitchell , ASST. NEWS EDITOR Julie Waltman, senior administrative assistant to the provost, will be retiring this spring after working at Susquehanna for over 30 years. Before Waltman held her current position at Susquehanna, she had worked as … read more