Monthly Archives: January 2015

Fincke reads from memoir

BY MEGAN RUDLOFF, STAFF WRITER Gary Fincke, professor of English, read excerpts from “Vanishings,” his newest memoir, at a book launch on Jan. 22 in Isaacs Auditorium located in Seibert Hall, followed by a short Q&A. The book’s official release … read more

Chaplain’s Corner

BY REV. SCOTT KERSHNER Religious violence has become depressingly familiar. The headlines are before us day in and day out. Religious traditions teach love and compassion, so often that love and compassion is extended only as far as the group’s … read more

Editor experiences the extremes of Jamaica

BY KATIE AUCHENBACH, FORUM EDITOR “Jamaica packs in extremes. Flat beaches twinned to green mountains; relaxed resorts and ghettos; sweet reggae and slack dancehall. It’s a complicated national soundtrack, and it’s impossible not to dance to it.” That’s what my … read more

Writer reacts to rape culture

BY ADAM BOURGAULT, STAFF WRITER Over the weekend, I learned that a young woman I know was sexually assaulted. This made me angry, confused, sad and sick to my stomach. I did some research. According to the Rape, Abuse & … read more

Cox delivers speech at Bucknell

BY RACHEL JENKINS, MANAGING EDITOR OF CONTENT “Orange is the New Black” star Laverne Cox began her talk by saying, “I stand before you tonight a proud, transgender African-American woman.” The talk, titled “Ain’t I a Woman: My Journey to … read more

New director eager to meet students, do work

BY JESSICA MITCHELL, ASST. NEWS EDITOR The new semester at Susquehanna brings new faces to campus, including Stacey Pearson- Wharton, the interim director of the Counseling Center. The previous director, Anna Beth Payne, now works with the program Semester at … read more

Speaker cites market myths

BY ADAM BOURGAULT, STAFF WRITER Former White House adviser and economics scholar David Henderson gave a lecture titled “Seven Myths About The Free Market” on Jan. 21 in Isaacs Auditorium, located in Seibert Hall. Henderson has a lengthy résumé. Most … read more

New Head Football Coach Announced

BY SYDNEY MUSSER, NEWS EDITOR   “I’m incredibly excited to get started,” Tom Perkovich, Susquehanna’s new head football coach, said as he made his way to the podium to deliver a brief speech on Jan. 13. Perkovich, preferring to go … read more