Monthly Archives: November 2014

Senior adapts to change

BY SAMANTHA PHILLIPS, ADVERTISING MANAGER If interacting with your social environment was like creating a piece of art, what would your artwork look like? This question was asked of me in class this week, and although it’s a strange one, … read more

Letter to the Editor

Listed below are informational tips on how to make your laundry experience at Susquehanna more satisfying. BEFORE WASHING: 1. Prepare Wash Load — Make sure all pockets are empty and turn them inside out. Bobby pins, sharp metal or plastic … read more

Writer readies to return home

BY LEAH LEAHY, STAFF WRITER I do not have too much to write about this week. It was not too exciting here. Aside from the weather getting a little bit colder, the colorful changing trees have been the highlight of … read more

Chaplain’s Corner

This time of year, it’s kind of a cliché to “count your blessings.” It may sound trite, but I can’t encourage you enough in this. Gratitude can transform your life. It’s the easiest thing in the world to go through … read more

Fires plague campus history

BY BROOKE RENNA, MANAGING EDITOR OF CONTENT Susquehanna is no stranger to fires. Since its founding in 1858, Susquehanna has been through a slew of minor fires and three major fires. The first of these fires took place in 1934 … read more

Student faces disease, marathon

BY LIAM CURTIS, DIGITAL MEDIA EDITOR Senior Griffin Pinkow suffers from Retinitis Pigmentosa. This disease has taken a large portion of his vision away. On Nov. 2, Pinkow finished the New York City Marathon. As a young adult, Pinkow enjoyed … read more

Panel talks media, body image

BY ADAM BOURGAULT, STAFF WRITER A presentation titled “Skinny Bitches and Meatheads” was held on Nov. 17 as a part of the SAFER initiative’s monthly theme series. SAFER, or Susquehanna Advocates for Educated Responsibility, is an initiative that looks to … read more