Monthly Archives: October 2014

Students to bring satire to SU

BY SARAH CHAFFEE, STAFF WRITER Inspired by this year’s common reading theme of “humor,” a group of first-year students are starting a satirical Susquehanna newspaper named The Squirrel. Jillian Mannarino, a first-year creative writing major and also known as the … read more

SU students to show off skills

BY ANN MARLEY, STAFF WRITER SU’s Got Talent, an annual event hosted by the Student Activities Committee showcasing student performances, will be held today at 8 p.m. in Trax. The event will include a wide variety of talent, featuring musicians, … read more

Writer talks music in TV

BY JOEY MALTESE, COLUMNIST “I was an angel, living in the garden of evil, screwed up, scared, doing anything that I needed.” These Lana Del Rey lyrics from “Gods & Monsters” can be heard with a perfectly repurposed context in … read more

Writer reveals disdain for Pink Week

BY EMMA WAITE, CONTRIBUTING WRITER This past week, Susquehanna has been celebrating “Pink Week,” a special week within the already pink month of October to dedicate even more time, energy and resources to something that receives more money and attention … read more

Chaplain’s Corner

BY REVEREND SCOTT KERSHNER You’ve probably heard about the Ebola virus, a disease with no known cure sweeping across several countries in West Africa. Several cases have made their way to the United States and Europe. Hospitals and health care … read more

Student braves cell phone theft

BY LEAH LEAHY, STAFF WRITER This past week has definitely been exciting. First, we have just finished our first eight-week intensive session; the halfway mark has been achieved. It is finally fall in Berlin. All of the trees have started … read more

NFL player inspires SU campus

BY JESS MITCHELL, ASST. NEWS EDITOR Susquehanna Advocates for Educated Responsibility, in coordination with the Step Up! Program, invited former New England Patriot Joe Andruzzi to Susquehanna on Oct. 20. He talked about helping others in the community as rewarding … read more