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Flying contraption films at new levels

BY ADAM BOURGAULT, STAFF WRITER An octocopter — a type of multi-rotor drone carrying a camera — took aerial video footage of Susquehanna on Sept. 20 and Sept. 21. The aircraft took sweeping shots during 12 scheduled flights all over … read more

Language offers perspective

BY ABIGAIL JOHNSON, CONTRIBUTING WRITER Anyone walking past Degenstein Patio on Sept. 23 could hear traditional music and were likely beckoned to join in the dancing. Men in white thawbs and ghutras, arms linked in step, smiled. It was Saudi … read more

Contact Information

To contact The Crusader, you can email us at crusader(at) To contact members of the editorial board, email: Editor in chief, Rachel Jenkins Managing editor of content, Justus Sturtevant Managing editor of design, Ann Marley News editor, Hope Sweeden Asst. news editor, Adam … read more