Monthly Archives: March 2014

Hafla to showcase belly dancers

BY LAURA GRAMMES, STAFF WRITER The last few weeks of the semester are filled with showcases and performances by many talented students of all genres. One of these performances is Hafla, the upcoming showcase presented by the university’s belly dancing … read more

PoeTree captivates crowd

BY JOEY MALTESE, STAFF WRITER “We in trouble, friends.” Climbing PoeTree performed in Isaacs Auditorium Wednesday night, addressing social and environmental issues around the world. Climbing PoeTree is a duo made up of Alixa Garcia and Naima Penniman, who deliver … read more

Punk rocks 90s songs

BY JOEY MALTESE, STAFF WRITER A cover song can be defined as a new performance of a piece of music that is released by someone other than the original artist. Often the case, covers become more popular than the original: … read more

Chaplain’s Corner

BY SCOTT KERSHNER Lent is upon us. Many people know Lent as a time to “give something up”-as in, “I gave up chocolate (or Facebook or Starbucks caramel flan lattes) for Lent.” Have you ever made such a “sacrifice?” What … read more

Budget talk addresses SU deficit

BY PAIGE STANTON, STAFF WRITER A budget and enrollment meeting held Tuesday revealed that the university is facing deficits while student enrollment for the next year is flourishing. Mike Coyne, vice president for finance and administration, gave a presentation on … read more

Professionals provide advice

BY HOPE SWEDEN, STAFF WRITER Communications week is an annual event that encourages all students to attend on-campus presentations that are conducted by professionals in the communications field. The professionals give presentations about their experiences and speak to students about … read more

Students voice housing fears

BY RACHEL JENKINS, ASST. NEWS EDITOR Students on campus have voiced their opinions regarding the recently decided off-campus housing situation. Susquehanna community members, from incoming first-years to rising seniors, have an opinion on the decision the university made earlier this … read more