Monthly Archives: October 2013

Writer reflects on the temporary

BY MADISON CLARK, SENIOR WRITER Because I’m abroad for this extended period of time, it feels as though Limerick is becoming more of a home than a temporary adventure. In that same vein, I feel like less of a tourist … read more

Rabbi’s Write-Up

BY RABBI KATE PALLEY “And God made the two great lights, the large one to rule the day and the small one to rule the night and stars” (Genesis 1:16). The days are getting shorter. The leaves are changing colors … read more

Parade shows spirit

BY CECILIA GIGLIOTTI, CONTRIBUTING WRITER Homecoming Weekend 2013 was surrounded by many types of hype, not the least of which was the first-years’ itch to take part in our first celebration. For some of us, that celebration kicked off with … read more

Genocide definition explored

BY JESSICA MITCHELL, ASSITANT TO THE EDITIOR IN CHIEF Words such as “Holocaust” and “Rwanda” mentioned in a conversation many times will be connected to the word “genocide.” For students at Susquehanna, the murdering of a group of people describes … read more

Awareness raised to help cross busy Ave

BY CYNTHIA BROSIUS, CONTRIBUTING WRITER Susquehanna’s campus community faces the daily risk of crossing pedestrian crosswalks on University Avenue. The law offers protection with crosswalk signs, added nighttime lighting and a reduced speed for vehicles, but the perils persist. Don … read more