Monthly Archives: September 2013

Chaplain’s Corner

BY THE REV. THOMAS W. MARTIN I have been wondering what Jesus might have thought about shutting down a government because one is opposed to a specific incarnation of health care reform. Shutting down government in general, particularly if it … read more

Finding your focus abroad

BY MADISON CLARK, SENIOR EDITOR Before this semester technically started, during Study Abroad and Erasmus (European Union students studying in another EU university for the semester) orientation, we had a few-hour talk from Andy Steves. He’s an American who has … read more

Zombies found at SU

BY AMANDA MILES, STAFF WRITER Today’s pop culture seems to be grievously excited for the zombie apocalypse, but when you step out on campus it appears we might already be in one. Everyone is carrying a cell phone, and not … read more

World News

COMPILED BY LOGAN SWEET American teens may be among Kenya mall attackers NAIROBI, Kenya — The Kenyan government believes that two American males and a British female were amongst the group of attackers that devastated Nairobi’s Westgate Mall on Sept. … read more

Editor adjusts to home after parents’ divorce

BY KATIE AUCHENBACH, DIGITAL MEDIA EDITOR Like most summers before it, this summer delivered its fair share of anticipated difficulties. My most frequent tribulations included painful mosquito bites, hair-ruining humidity and painful, peeling sunburns (the result of being kin with … read more