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Overheard at Susquehanna

COMPILED BY STAFF “Just because Snapple puts it on the cap doesn’t mean we should believe it.” — Benny’s Bistro “College is a constant struggle between staying drunk and staying clean.” — Degenstein Center “I hate peeing in public bathrooms … read more

Writer talks future of editing

COMPLIED BY STAFF REPORTS “The compilation in your hand stretches far beyond the pages, far out of your fingertips to something visceral, felt past your nerve endings. The fiction and poetry here is heavy, so heavy we cannot carry everything … read more

Leave A ‘Presence’

     The Crusader/Jacob Farrell On Saturday, April 13, Assistant Professor of Art Ann Piper and her husband, Aaron M. Brown, opened their exhibit, “Presence” in the Lore A. Degenstein Gallery. The exhibit incorporated a variety of objectivism and subjectivism … read more

Chaplain’s Corner

BY REV. MARK WM. RADECKE Bussing tables at Casa Giannerini taught me that a career in food service was not for me. Selling crinkle patent leather boots at Stewart’s lead to the realization that, no matter how attractive the customers, retail … read more

Organization services school

BY MEGHAN PASQUARETTE, STAFF WRITER Susquehanna’s mission is achievement, leadership and service. We can achieve these goals through several mediums: achievement by excelling in the classroom or the athletic arena, leadership by displaying guidance in an organization and service by participating … read more