Monthly Archives: February 2013

Chaplain’s Corner

BY REV. MARK WM. RADECKE We are awash with information. Computers, smart phones, tablets and 24-hour news put an overwhelming amount of data at our fingertips. What’s more, neuroscientists predict the advent of “the singularity”—chips implanted in the brain so … read more

Struggles can’t bother student

BY JAZMINE SALACH, SENIOR WRITER Week three. Need food. Water. Shelter. Totally kidding. I’m not on a desert island, I’m in Italy! Last weekend, I went to Venice, and can I just say that I had an amazing time. I … read more

Social media alters collegiate universe

BY MEGHAN PASQUARETTE, CONTRIBUTING WRITER We have all been there. That moment when you should be writing that paper due Monday, but you promise yourself that you will only get on Facebook or Twitter to check something quick. Then “checking something … read more

University Update, Feb. 1

Cheerleading The first round of football cheerleading tryouts will take place March 22-24. Tryouts will take place in Garrett Sports Complex. Participants should wear athletic shorts, a T-shirt and cheer shoes. Tryouts will include stunting, tumbling, jumping, dancing and cheering. … read more

Student life series kicks off with RAs

BY RACHEL JENKINS, ASST. NEWS EDITOR The life of a Resident Assistant (RA) at Susquehanna is full of surprises, satisfaction and, on occasion, stress. An RA is responsible for everything from checking rooms for alcohol to being a shoulder to … read more

President takes Fellows to D.C.

BY SPENCER ALLEN, STAFF WRITER Every year at Susquehanna, a group of sophomores are selected to become Presidential Fellows. During the course of their sophomore year, the selected sophomores attend three events during the academic year. The events are held … read more