Monthly Archives: January 2013

Host Susquehanna lays egg against Juniata

BY AUSTEN LEIN, CONTRIBUTING WRITER The Susquehanna men’s basketball team fell to Juniata on Wednesday, 86-70. Although the Crusaders hit 15 three-pointers, it was not enough to stop the Eagles. “We wanted to establish our inside game on the offensive … read more

Overheard at Susquehanna

“No one really ever reads the fine print. Do you think Kim Kardashian read her contract before she agreed to have Kanye West’s baby?.” — Benny’s Bistro   “The downfall of humanity will either be war or the return of … read more

Pressure rises for gallery

BY VIRGINIA LISCINSKY, STAFF WRITER The latest Susquehanna gallery exhibition, “Under Pressure: A Group Printmaking Exhibition,” will premier Saturday, Jan. 26 at 7 p.m. The exhibition was curated by Assistant Professor of Art Ann Piper. While this is not the … read more

ActiveMinds brings PostSecretU to Susquehanna

BY RACHEL JENKINS, ASST. NEWS EDITOR Frank Warren’s PostSecret, a campaign to allow people to anonymously post their secrets on the internet, has recently gained the attention of Active Minds. ActiveMinds is a national organization that “empowers students to speak … read more

SU prepares for the flu season

BY SPENCER ALLEN, STAFF WRITER Every year students return to campus from winter break and sometimes bring with them more than just luggage. The flu has returned with vengeance this year and has become a nation epidemic. The seasonal influenza … read more

Facebook page gives kind words

BY KATIE AUCHENBACH, PHOTOGRAPHY EDITOR Spreading the love—that’s what Susquehanna Compliments is all about. The Facebook profile, created on Dec. 1, 2012, is modeled after an online initiative first started at Queen’s University in Ontario, Canada. The students at Queen’s … read more