Susquehanna frozen by Polar Bears, 4-1

BY GEORGE THOMPSON, ASST. SPORTS EDITOR Susquehanna’s first foray outside the friendly confines of Sassafras Field Complex in the NCAA Tournament this season was not too kind to them, as their record-breaking season came to a screeching halt against Ohio … read more

SU rugby claims EPRU West

BY BROOKE RENNA, ASST. NEWS EDITOR Ranked nineteenth in the country by the end of the season, this was the most successful men’s rugby season Susquehanna had seen since 1996. The team was able to clinch the division championship title … read more

SU clips Eagles’ wings in victory

BY ROBERT LLOYD, STAFF WRITER The Crusaders’ football team brought the “Goal Post Trophy” where it belongs with a convincing victory over rival Juniata College. The Crusaders (6-4 overall, 5-4 Landmark Conference) defeated Juniata (3-7, 2-7) 21-0 for their second … read more