Letter to the Editor

BY LOUIE LAND – CLASS OF 2012 Together, our campus community grieves the loss of Emma Cook. I am always surprised how often words seem most insufficient in times of grief. As I passed Arthur Plaza last Wednesday, the fountain … read more

The Doctor Is In

BY TERENCE O’ROURKE, JR. – M.D. Health literacy was defined in the July 15, 2015 Journal of the American Academy of Family Practice—the source of all the quotes in this article—as “the degree to which individuals have the capacity to … read more

Chaplain’s Corner

BY THE REV. SCOTT M. KERSHNER We live in divisive times. Contentious times. ‘Us-versus-them’ times. There’s an understandable psychological attraction to this way of thinking for many of us. It confirms us in a sense of our own righteousness while … read more