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To contact The Crusader, you can email us at crusader(at)

To contact members of the editorial board, email:

  • Editor in chief, Rachel Jenkins
  • Managing editor of content, Justus Sturtevant
  • Managing editor of design, Ann Marley
  • News editor, Hope Sweeden
  • Asst. news editor, Adam Bourgault
  • Forum editor, Leah Leahy
  • Living & Arts editor, Virginia Liscinsky
  • Sports editorSydney Musser
  • Asst. sports editor, Kevin Jones
  • Photography editor, Samantha Selders
  • Asst. photography editor, Hannah Johnston 
  • Digital Media EditorJoanna Mizak
  • Advertising/Business manager, Shelby McGuigan
  • Adviser, Dr. Catherine Hastings: hastings(at)

Susquehanna University

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